We are all responsible for all


For better or for worse, Dostoevsky got it right. 
At Rancho del Cielo Malibu, we believe in proactive community involvement at all levels.  Whether it’s encouraging young Police Activities League members to convert a barren plant bed into a flourishing vegetable garden or providing a delicious home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner for students with no place to go on the holiday, or organizing a tough trail race for all age groups in the Santa Monica Mountains, we try to reach out to our community and take responsibility for its welfare -- now and in the future.  And whenever it’s possible we try to share the beautiful place that we are fortunate enough to live in with guests both human and otherwise. 

planting planting a garden
A Garden Grows In The City: PAL members dug out a concrete-hard neglected flower bed, fertilized it and then planted it with tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables from the nursery at Rancho del Cielo. 

community pics

moonlight hikes
Dinner and a Hike: Several times a year, when the moon is full PAL members come over to Rancho del Cielo for dinner, then go out onto the trails in the mountains behind the rancho for a moonlight hike.  “At first, it’s really scary, then it’s really cool”

community bus
operation welcome
communityRancho del Cielo is honored to have
hosted the wedding of Captain James Dee
and his lovely bride, Karen Dennis, March
30, 2014. Captain Dee is a United States
Marine and has served several times overseas.
All our good wishes to them for a
long and happy married life together.
We wish to thank Monrose Catering,
Smart Party Rents and the very talented
Theron Tan for contributing to this very
special occasion. Karen Gough, the Family
Readiness officer from Camp Pendleton
made the special arrangements..

community exchangecommunity
Foreign Exchange Students and Pepperdine students who couldn’t make it back home for the holiday hike up the hill behind the rancho then return for a home-cooked Thanksgiving feast on the terrace at sunset.
Pouncer’s long-time home at the Trancas Garden Center was being torn up and rebuilt and she needed a temporary home.  We were honored that she chose us and did our best to live up to her (very high) expectations.  Thanks for staying with us, Pouncer -- I mean, your majesty.  We welcome you back any time. (Well, maybe not the dogs -- or the bunny.)

Rancho del Cielo Malibu, located in Malibu, California is widely known for its romantic locations, beautiful gardens,
acres of olive groves, stunning ocean views, wild mountain backdrop, and its serene atmosphere.

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