tableMost houses have it - that catch-all place just inside the main door which is the dumping ground for the mail, keys and whatever else we have in hand when we get home. In our house this snapshot of our lives is just inside our kitchen door and it’s a long white sideboard. Just like the Rancho itself, this is not an antique, and it is rarely elegant. But it does sum up who we are.

Which is why this page is called The Sideboard. We hope it will be to the website what the real sideboard is to our house - a place to see at a glance what is going on with us, with our guests, visitors, animals, gardens and lives. And we hope that you’ll return to check us out from time to time...

gif At right: Late summer figs and early apples from the vege market -- I meant to make a compote but everyone ate them first.  The little green vases are hand-made presents from two very talented friends, beautiful enough without any flowers...

something old, something new...
tea timeThose of you who have returned to this website in the last few weeks may have noticed some changes in our look.  We have been doing the equivalent of Spring Cleaning (which my mother always capitalized because she found it such an ordeal) on the site.  It was long overdue and I had procrastinated forever but finally I went at it, determined to have everything new and different.  And I found myself looking at the images of all those happy events, remembering the couples and their families who had passed through our main door and down the steps and through the gate to their new lives... and I found I could not take it away.  I could only add to it.  So we have tidied up everything else and we have a brand new page about our beautiful blooming olive groves for this month and coming up will be pages about The Easter Egg Hunt featuring Rancho Del Cielo babies and their proud parents and a page about how you feel about us.  And we still have the gallery, full of lovely days at Rancho del Cielo....
Rancho del Cielo

The Little House has a beautiful screened in porch with a view of forever (and Point Dume,) two outdoor showers with wrought iron enclosuress and is sits among some 200 olive trees. 
“Serenity” was how our friend Charisse
described it.

meanwhile outside



gifNo one knows why Hoover is so stinky but he is just about the stinkiest dog we have ever had.  His name is Hoover because he was found on Hoover Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles.  He has a fondness for shoes (doesn’t chew them, just sleeps with them) and no fondness at all for baths, which of course, he needs.  He can play soccer (he’s amazing in goal) but tends to hog the ball. 
He has a Facebook page.

sideboards past
Fall 2005
Holidays 2005
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Rancho del Cielo Malibu, located in Malibu, California is widely known for its romantic locations, beautiful gardens,
acres of olive groves, stunning ocean views, wild mountain backdrop, and its serene atmosphere.

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