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Rancho Del Cielo not only gave us the look and feel of the dream wedding we wanted, but it was an amazing experience that felt like home. We always envisioned an outdoor wedding overlooking the ocean and we needed to find a location where we could have a Kosher wedding that was also affordable. Rancho Del Cielo gave us a whole lot more. Throughout the process, we wanted to build relationships with the people helping make our wedding what it was and not feel that they were just vendors working for us. We accomplished just that.

Our wedding day was amazing. Arriving at the estate was such an experience. After 9 months of planning and wondering how it was all going to come together, it was better than we had imagined. Actually it was exactly what we wanted. It is true that when it comes to your wedding day, you should not have a worry in your mind.
That was how we felt. As the bride, I was so happy
and excited to see my husband to be. It was such an emotional experience and one that we will remember forever.

The first time we saw each other during the Ketubah signing was incredible. Seeing all our closest friends and family share in this moment was perfect. The day was perfect and the surroundings were perfect. We felt on our wedding day such an amazing love for not only each other, but what was surrounding us.

Staci Davis-Levy


Malibu sun

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